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Gx Glass

“As someone who is passionate about the success of their business, finding the right support network is fundamental. Lucy and her team at IQ 4 Business provide coaching and support which is invaluable. Their coaching approach is the most holistic I have come across in the last 10 years, and they provide a huge variety of learning opportunities and networking which complement all business types.”

-Joanna Lush -Director, Gx Glass
Metro Plumbers

“Whenever our company feels a bit stale & we all need some momentum &, direction & then following a half day session with Lucy & her Business Coaching team, we always come out full of positivity & fuelled up with some great ideas & pointers to get our company back on track with targets to aim for. Looking forward to our next one.. ! Thanks ever so…”

Jennine Hill –Metro Plumbers
Taylor Made Dreams

“Having not entered into the realm of coaching before, I was unsure of what to expect, my preconceptions were unfounded soon after meeting Lucy and the wonderful team at IQ4 Business coaching and mentoring. They warmly welcomed me in and more importantly, understood my vision for the charity. The whole process has been very supportive, informative and educational and the coaching I have, and do receive has definitely helped me to focus on our business development. I would highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to improve and develop in the charity or business sector. Invest in the best!”

-Suzi Mitchell -CEO, Taylor Made Dreams

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Social Fireworks logo

“Highly recommend Lucy and her team! Very insightful, professional and gets our needs!”

Kizzie Nicholson -Founder, Social Fireworks

“We’ve worked with Lucy and the team at IQ4 Business for a number of years, and have completed both the 90-day planning sessions as well as a personalised team DISC session. The 90-day sessions are a brilliant opportunity to work ON our business, with other like-minded business professionals around for advice and inspiration. Similarly, the DISC profiling was a fantastic exercise, and really helped the whole team work as a unit more effectively. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend IQ4 Business for any business owners who are motivated to take their business to the next level, or to overcome any challenges they’re facing in terms of scaling, team or process development.”

-Larry Hardcastle, Studio44

“Lucy and everyone at ActionCoach have helped our small business grow enormously by giving us the tools to drive our company with a lot more direction than we have had before. highly recommend their knowledge and expertise to anyone looking into coaching for their business.”

Nik French, French & Sons

“The team at ActionCOACH have been invaluable at training me and our other directors up. As they are business coaches rather than management consultants they actually train you with the tools and knowledge you need to perform your job so you can continue without their involvement when you’re ready. I highly recommend it.”

-Lucy Edelstein, Triple E

“My husband and I have worked long hours for several years, working late in to the night and weekends, whilst juggling family life and other interests. We have always felt guilty when having an evening away from work, as we always feel there is that one extra job that needs to be completed whether that be in the office or on site.

We were sceptical at first to what ActionCOACH could help us achieve, as the company had been doing well anyway and we didn’t want stereotypical “buzzword” advice that didn’t tell us anything new. However, we took the opportunity with the hope we could take the business to the next level.

ActionCOACH have certainly opened the door for us to expanding our business. Using the coaches’ knowledge and expertise, we have been able to learn new skills, gain confidence in ones we already possessed and adapt and enhance areas of the company in order to not only develop the business, but also its workforce. Although we are still working extremely hard, we can see exactly where we can take the company so that those long hours can gradually subside and the business can run itself, without us having to manage every task. We know we still have a long way to go, but we are enjoying the journey and are already starting to reap the benefits.

Thank you ActionCOACH!”

-Kelly Govier, Administration & Finance Manager, Govier Electrical Engineering

“The business was growing beyond what we could realistically cope with. We would have had to downscale the business to a more manageable size or the business could have failed. It was very, very stressful, Nik was close to a nervous breakdown…

Lucy has helped Nik to let go. We can go on holiday and not have to deal with anything at all. Previously I was monitoring my phone all the time, but I now have people who can look after all that. We now think very differently about the whole business. Stepping back from everything is very useful. Lucy steers us in the right direction, without telling us what to do, which I wouldn’t have responded well to!

It’s changed our lives considerably, the last 3 years have been pretty awful, we now have a much more pleasant working environment and we can see how we can scale the business up.”

Nik & Heidi Edser, Langdale Landscapes

“Dear Lucy, I would like to thank you for the excellent work you carried out with one of my salaried partners… Thank you very much for your service. I believe it was a good investment because the results were seen quickly and have already made a noticeable difference to the team environment. A positive that I hope you can help us build upon.

I would not hesitate in recommending your coaching services to others.”

-Neill Thomas, Managing Director, Thomas Mansfield Solicitors

“My ultimate vision for the business has changed. A couple of years ago I would have said to build the business and sell it and get out because I have had enough, but today it’s changed.”

Sussex Beds won the Best Independent Bed Retailer in the UK in September at the Bed Industry award – a big accolade!

-Steve Pickering, Sussex Beds

“The fortnightly classes are a good entree into learning how to run a company successfully. Lively and thought-provoking, well structured with plenty of examples and supporting material.”

-Steve Rice, Computer Troubleshooters

“It was really the lack of high level strategy to drive the business forward and grow the business was the reason why we looked at coaching.”

-Bob Schulz, Baldwin Boxall

“I went to see Lucy Cameron at Action Coach because I was feeling very good at my job but lousy at getting direction. I was really beating myself up because I just could not see what I needed to do. I sat down explained to her pretty much what I said to you and she knew immediately what I needed and very simply put my incoming and outgoings down on excel and simplified it so it was tailor-made to me (and I am not an excel person…

All the time it was in a really friendly environment just me and Lucy and best of all at no stage did I feel silly or stupid and I came away form there feeling brilliant and now I know my next steps. I truly feel that any person good at their job but not know how to plot their way and focus should see Lucy.”

-Angela Marden, Angela Marden Estate Agents

“We now have a clear direction and more focus on the business rather than working in the business. Wealden’s latest turnover has more than tripled in 2 years!”

-Martin Foy, Wealden Joinery

“I’ve been working with Lucy for just over a year now. When I started working with Lucy I was quite green in terms of running my own business and was used to having a team around me to support my role.

This changed when starting Goldstar IT. Lucy and her team have enabled me to meet with likeminded individuals, improve my business skills and take me to the next level of business. Due to the changes we’ve made my business is looking to grow 100% this year.

Coaching by Lucy has helped me speed up my learning by giving me the tools to succeed. I’d recommend her and her team to anyone running a business looking for fast growth and continue to be coached.”

-Paul, software developer, Goldstar IT

“Signs 2000 won the Best Company in the South East Award in 2013, beating 100s of entrants. Within 3 years the company doubled its turnover and increased their operating profit by 2500% This turnaround helped the company sell for a good multiple in 2017.”

Signs 2000

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