Steve Pickering – Sussex Beds

“My ultimate vision for the business has changed. A couple of years ago I would have said to build the business and sell it and get out because I have had enough, but today it’s changed.”

Sussex Beds won the Best Independent Bed Retailer in the UK in September at the Bed Industry award – a big accolade!

Martin Foy – Wealden Joinery

“We now have a clear direction and more focus on the business rather than working in the business.

”Wealden’s latest turnover has more than tripled in 2 years!

Simon – Online Retailer

“If we had appeared on Dragons’ Den before working with Lucy we would have been taken apart by the Dragons for not knowing the basics of our financial figures, as well as the fundamentals required for running a successful business.

Now after 3 months of working with Lucy we would feel confident to face Deborah Meaden and the rest of the Dragons !

Sign 2000

Sign 2000 won the Best Company in the South East Award in 2013, beating 100’s of entrants. Within 3 years the company doubled it’s turnover and increased their operating profit by 2500% This turnaround helped the company sell for a good multiple in 2017.

Nick – Electrical Engineering

“We are seeing great results in many areas of the company. Lucy’s knowledge and skills have assisted us to transform the way, as Directors, we plan and implement new ideas into the company. All our staff have taken the approach on board and are already reaping the rewards of change – there is certainly a buzz in the air as a result! We are all looking forward to continuing to work with Lucy and plan for the company’s future.”

Marian – Photography Company

“Lucy has been a real boost, not only for my business, but for my confidence and business focus. It is all too easy when you are working on your own, to focus on the things you like doing and not on the things that you should be doing. I was amazed at her insight into my business and also her enthusiasm to drive me forward. Lucy has most certainly been a real asset to my business.”

Bob Schulz – Baldwin Boxall

“It was really the lack of high level strategy to drive the business forward and grow the business was the reason why we looked at coaching.”

Mark Baldwin – Talkativeonline

Paul – Software Developer

“I’ve been working with Lucy for just over a year now. When I started working with Lucy I was quite green in terms of running my own business and was used to having a team around me to support my role.

This changed when starting Goldstar IT. Lucy and her team have enabled me to meet with likeminded individuals, improve my business skills and take me to the next level of business. Due to the changes we’ve made my business is looking to grow 100% this year.

Coaching by Lucy has helped me speed up my learning by giving me the tools to succeed. I’d recommend her and her team to anyone running a business looking for fast growth and continue to be coached.”

Murray – Signage Company

“Employing an Action Business Coach has kept us focussed on key issues and has definitely helped push our business forward. It is surprising how far we have come and we have ambitious plans for the future…”

Steve – IT Services Company

“I would like to thank Lucy Cameron for managing to provide lively and thought-provoking business coaching despite the early start at her fortnightly ActionClub sessions. ActionCoach offer a range of business coaching services, but I find that the fortnightly classes are a good entrée into learning how to run a company successfully.The sessions are designed specifically with the small business owner in mind.They are well-structured with plenty of examples and supporting material, and there are opportunities to apply the learning to my own situation.

I also appreciate the chance to share the real-life examples from Lucy and the other ActionClub attendees.Lucy brings a wealth of business experiences to the table and applies her expertise to the business dilemmas under discussion.

I was very impressed with Lucy’s industry knowledge and her ability to motivate me to take the necessary steps to attain my goals and would be very happy to recommend her services.”

Ryan – Performing Arts Company

I’ve been attending ActionClub, a series of fortnightly business training sessions for the last nine months and can testify to Lucy’s skills as a coach and trainer.

I’ve keenly observed her ability to deliver concise, relevant information to groups in a way that is engaging and fun.

Her knowledge of business in general and self-motivation, and her ability to pass it on in an interesting way, have helped me to take my business to a place where I can grow it with confidence.

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone looking for an effective, personable and knowledgeable business coach.”

Heidi and Nik

Heidi and Nik were surprised how invaluble business coaching has been for their business, which was growing so fast that it had become hard to control.

Within just three months of working with Award-winning business coach Lucy Cameron, they began to enjoy huge benefits that not only improved their cashflow and profits, but also their quality of life.


Southern Gem

ActionCOACH has helped Southern Gem, a family business, get the success they deserved. The jewellery display manufacturers achieved over triple their operating profit in only a year.


Angela Marden: Owner Angela Marden Estate Agents

“I went to see Lucy Cameron at Action Coach because I was feeling very good at my job but lousy at getting direction. I was really beating myself up because

I just could not see what I needed to do. I sat down explained to her pretty much what I said to you and she knew immediately what I needed and very simply put my incoming and outgoings down on excel and simplified it so it was taylor made to me (and I am not an excel person – I like it but have difficulty with it) and it became clear what I had to do, what I gain most income from, how many I need to get but here was no pressure to make silly numbers and I was really conservative and indeed we really defined who my customers are those who are really receptive and I gt most business form where I may find them etc etc.

All the time it was in a really friendly environment just me and Lucy and best of all at no stage did I feel silly or stupid and I came away form there feeling brilliant and now I know my next steps. I truly feel that any person good at their job but not know how to plot their way and focus should see Lucy.”