What is MentorCLUB and how does it work?

As with the 1-to-1 coaching your coaching journey starts with your alignment. Getting total clarity on where you are now and the areas you want to strengthen.  This would need be completed with each individual business separately.

Every business experience similar challenges, although we understand every business is unique. There are great benefits in going through this journey with other Business Owners, sharing ideas, problems and successes.

The more times you meet your Coach the more accountability you have to complete the actions and track the results. MentorCLUB gives you the accountability you need meeting four times a month with a wider support network.

100% confidentiality, whatever is said in MentorCLUB stays in MentorCLUB!

Here is how it works:

business planning

Your journey starts with your alignment – essential for setting you off on the right path

business brainstormingSharing ideas, problems and successes

confidentiality 100% Confidentiality!


MentorCLUB includes:

-Four scheduled coaching sessions per month with up to 3 other Business Owners

-Creation of clear action plans during each session

-Accountability for you to do what you say you will

-Quarterly 90 Day planning workshops

-Full email and phone support, directly from your Coach, between sessions

-Reviews & critiques of your marketing strategies, management systems, sales processes, time mastery, recruitment systems and anything else that’s relevant

-Complimentary “DISC” behavioural evaluations for you

-Templates and tools to conduct key business activities

-Access to the ActionCLUB sessions for you and your team

-ActionPLAN – your business planning software

-Access to additional world-class training eg. Brad Sugars Annual Tour, Business Excellence Forum & Awards

-Our absolute commitment to coach you towards your stated goals and hold you accountable for taking action to achieve them


Is this suitable for my business?

This programme is perfect for a business owner committed to business growth, open to sharing ideas and thoughts with other business owners. Ready to invest in their personal development with a limited budget available.

Your investment

£700 + VAT per month

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