Team Dynamics Post Lockdown

Team Dynamics Post Lockdown

I thought it would be good to continue the theme from my last blog Getting Back to Work After the Lockdown by touching on the change in dynamics of your team as result of the lockdown.
If you recall we were discussing the need for a team building exercise or a social event, to rebuild team spirit and to get over the “us and them” that might have been created by lockdown as a result of some people working while others were furloughed.
Well, a word of caution here…. please make sure that you pick a suitable, and hopefully popular event, but more importantly ensure everyone is available and will take part.

Experience with businessesLet me tell you about an experience from a business I know….

It is a very small team where two of the team worked all through lockdown along with the MD, while four more were furloughed. A team day out was planned followed by a lunch and beers at the company’s expense in a local and very nice pub.
Everyone met at the office in the morning whereupon one of the team, who had worked through furlough, announced that he had too much work to do, and that he would work in the morning and meet them all in the pub for lunch. Immediately after that announcement, another member of staff announced that he too had too much work to do and would also stay in the office and meet the others in the pub.
Guess which employee that was if you can?
So, in trying to build team morale the MD had effectively made things worse and confirmed the split.

Why did that happen?

Difficult to say.  Maybe the first employee didn’t fancy the event and employee two just followed suit.  However, whatever the reason it is important that all staff realise that attendance isn’t optional and that the event is one that everyone will enjoy.
Hope that helps you all and maybe you could get back to me with your own experience?
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