In a word… Accountability

For example, how many times have you promised yourself that you would go to the gym? Drink less alcohol? Go on a diet? Or simply read more?
People often blame a lack of willpower, lack of effort or other similar excuse. That is simply not the case.

Help is available

From a business perspective how many times have you promised yourself that you will write a business plan, a marketing plan or simply put together a realistic sales forecast?
Most business owners make a promise to achieve at least one of the above but never succeed.  Again lots of excuses are offered but the key “reason” quoted in business, is a perceived lack of time.  Does all that sound familiar?
The simple reason resolutions don’t stick, especially business resolutions, is the lack of accountability. When you promise yourself that you will do something it is usually between you and your conscious, or at best your partner. One of the reasons sportsmen and women employ a coach is to drive them and hold them accountable to improve performance and most importantly to stick to agreed schedules and plans. Employing and working with a business coach is just the same. If we look at business plans for example.

Business mentor

A good coach does not write the business plan or a marketing plan (that’s  the work of expensive consultants), rather with the support and guidance of a coach, the business owner writes the plan that they believe in, to achieve the goals they need/want to achieve and by regular contact and support the coach holds them accountable to achieve the goal.
That is normally done in small incremental steps reviewed fortnightly.  Here are a few facts that may help to explain in a bit more detail:
  • Almost 70% of business owners didn’t have a clear business plan before they received coaching.
  • Over 60% of business owners receiving coaching have a budget plan for the next 12 months, compared to 29%.
  • Almost 100% of business owners who received business coaching reported feeling more confident.

Coaching for businesses

If you feel you could benefit from support or guidance to ensure you meet your targets or business goals give us a call.  We will spend around 90 minutes looking at what you currently do and where you may need help. There is no cost or obligation and we are confident that we will be able to offer a few suggestions along the way to help improve your business efficiency.

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