Heidi and Nik were surprised how invaluable business coaching has been for their business, which was growing so fast that it had become hard to control.

Within just three months of working with Award-winning business coach Lucy Cameron, they began to enjoy huge benefits that not only improved their cashflow and profits but also their quality of life.


“The business was growing beyond what we could realistically cope with. We would have had to downscale the business to a more manageable size or the business could have failed. It was very, very stressful, Nik was close to a nervous breakdown.

We were working ridiculously hard to control something that couldn’t be controlled. Where we are now to where we were 3 months ago is considerably different. It’s been exciting and challenging. It opens your eyes to get help when you need it.

Initially we thought, “what does Lucy know about a Landscaping business?” When you step back, you realise that any business is the same regardless of what they do, they all have the same problems.

3 months ago, we were so close to the coal face we couldn’t imagine it being any different, looking back, we have done a huge amount in the last 3 months:

An estimating system, online calendars and timesheets have been introduced
Cashflow forecasts have helped us plan and even out cashflow
I’ve got 3 people now doing what I was doing on my own. I promoted within the team and 2 new employees are on board and we are now starting to recruit a 4th team, which we would never have considered 6 months ago
Team meetings every week with the Foremen and Supervisor to get everyone on the same page
Increased mark-ups on materials and labour rates will increase profits on our next projects

The Business is running more smoothly, it is more under control. Nik’s life is a lot easier, less stressful, he has more time doing what he loves: working with clients to create amazing gardens.

Lucy has helped Nik to let go. We can go on holiday and not have to deal with anything at all. Previously I was monitoring my phone all the time, but I now have people who can look after all that.

We now think very differently about the whole business. Stepping back from everything is very useful. Lucy steers us in the right direction, without telling us what to do, which I wouldn’t have responded well to!

It’s changed our lives considerably, the last 3 years have been pretty awful, we now have a much more pleasant working environment and we can see how we can scale the business up.

Nik & Heidi Edser: Langdale Landscapes