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IQ4 Business are a team of Business Growth Experts offering award-winning business coaching, training and mentoring in the South East using the world-acclaimed ActionCoach system.

Let’s beat this together…

Help is available from the Government With a second lockdown officially announced to run for 4 weeks from 5th November, the Government have put together a number of documents with details of what restrictions will be effective when the lockdown comes into place. This is the time to think how these restrictions will affect your…

Kickstart your business with new Government programme

Recently the chancellor announced a new £2bn jobs programme for young people. Branded ‘Kickstart’, the programme will offer six month paid work placements for young people at risk of long-term unemployment, paid at the National Minimum Wage. With the furlough scheme coming to an end and many people at risk of losing their jobs, many…

5 Ways Every Business Can Increase Profits

Every business wants to increase their profits. We share five ways this can be achieved. Like what you see? Get in touch for your FREE business review, and understand how you could grow your business.