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We know we can help grow any business, the real question is, are you ready to grow, change and learn to do the work?
We’re highly selective of the business owners we accept for our coaching and as a result, when you qualify for a programme, we guarantee the results.

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IQ4 Business are a team of Business Growth Experts offering award-winning business coaching, training and mentoring in the South East using the world-acclaimed ActionCoach system.

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News & Blog

What does a Business Coach know about the Trades?

Challenges of running a Trade Business "I've worked in the trade for 15 years, what can a coach tell me about being a good tradesperson?" You are correct... not much. But that's not what a Business Coach does. When you set up your own business, it was likely you did so because: You believed you…

Why do new years resolutions never stick?

In a word... Accountability For example, how many times have you promised yourself that you would go to the gym? Drink less alcohol? Go on a diet? Or simply read more? People often blame a lack of willpower, lack of effort or other similar excuse. That is simply not the case. Help is available From…

Let’s beat this together…

Help is available from the Government With a second lockdown officially announced to run for 4 weeks from 5th November, the Government have put together a number of documents with details of what restrictions will be effective when the lockdown comes into place. This is the time to think how these restrictions will affect your…